For NDIS Providers NDIS Supplementary Modules and Consultation

Supplementary Modules and Consultation Services

Other than “Verification Module” and “Core Module” as the most common ones that are required for most of the NDIS registration groups, we offer supplementary modules that are required for more specific registration groups/restrictive practices as listed below along with the relevant modules:

  • 104- High Intensity Daily Personal Activities: Module 1 is required.
  • 110- Specialist Positive Behaviour Support: Module 2 is required.
  • 118- Early Intervention Supports for Early Childhood: Module 3 is required.
  • 131- SDA: Module 5 is required.
  • 132- Specialised Support Coordination: Module 4 is required.
  • Restrictive Practices: Module 2A is required
NDIS Supplementary Module Packages

The NDIS Supplementary Module Packages includes the following documents that can be purchased separately or along with the Core Module:

  • Extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ);
  • NDIS Supplementary Module Package User Manual;
  • Supplementary Module Policies and Procedures Package;
  • Ready-to-use answers to the self-assessment questions which match the policies and procedures content;
  • Help you find and deal with the NDIS Quality auditor and facilitate the Verification Audit.
Supplementary Consultation Services

We do not charge you any monthly or annual subscription fee for offering the services that you might not need, but we charge you for what we do for you to add value to your business.

As a supplementary to our Registration Services, we offer required training packages such as PRODA account and myplace Provider Portal Training, to help you run your NDIS business after being an NDIS registered provider.

We also offer supplementary consultation services for ongoing or ad-hoc needs regarding adding registration groups, changing the business type from Sole Trader/Partnership to Company(Body Corporate), assisting you with document customisation and implementation of the policies and procedures, conducting internal audits, etc.

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