ISO Consulting Services NDIS Module 5: SDA


The NDIS Module 5 Package includes the following documents:

  • NDIS FAQ – Answers to all questions you might have in a Q&A style;
  • NDIS Certification Package User Manual – Step-by-step instruction for how to use the documents and make them your own documents;
  • Module 5 Policies and Procedures Package – It includes 5 policies and procedures, 15 forms and templates, a worker handbook, a participant handbook, and other documents (refer to the “Description” section below).
  • Ready-to-use answers to the self-assessment questions which match the policies and procedures content;
  • Help you find and deal with the NDIS Quality auditor and facilitate the Certification Audit.

Please read the “What is included” section carefully and choose the right product as after making the payment (fully/partially) and receiving the product/service (fully/partially), the purchased product/service is neither refundable nor transferable to others. Regarding our guaranteed NDIS Packages, Please refer to NDIS T&C.

$1,150.00 + GST

This module applies to the NDIS providers who provide SDA dwellings for people who have an extreme functional impairment or very high support needs and not just simply a building where they live.

The documents have been created in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel and can be edited easily to make them your own document. This package includes:

  • NDIS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • NDIS-MAN-001-NDIS Policies & Procedures Manual-Module 5 including policies and procedures for:
    • Applicable Practice Standards
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Conflict of Interest
    • Service Agreements with Participants
    • Enrolment of SDA Properties
    • Tenancy Management
  • NDIS-PRC-002-Worker Handbook including:
    • Introduction
    • Organisational Chart
    • Delegation of Authority Policy
    • NDIS Code of Conduct
    • Company Code of Conduct
    • Workplace Behaviour
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Participant rights, values, beliefs, privacy and dignity
    • Incident Reporting
    • Feedback and Complaints
    • Information Security
    • Privacy & Confidentiality
    • Acknowledgment
  • NDIS related forms, including:
    • NDIS-FORM-001-Worker Employment Register
    • NDIS-FORM-002-Incident Report Form
    • NDIS-FORM-003-Feedback and Complaints Management Form
    • NDIS-FORM-008-Internal Audit Program
    • NDIS-FORM-009-Internal Audit Report
    • NDIS-FORM-011-Feedback and Complaints & Feedback Register
    • NDIS-FORM-012-Incident Register
    • NDIS-FORM-013- Conflict of Interest Report Form
    • NDIS-FORM-014- Conflict of Interest Register
    • NDIS-FORM-017-Service Agreement
    • NDIS-FORM-023-Initial Assessment & Support Plan
    • NDIS-FORM-031-SDA Service Agreement
    • NDIS-FORM-032-Tenancy Management Agreement
    • NDIS-FORM-033-SDA Inspection Checklist
  • Information for Participants (welcome pack) including:
    • NDIS-PRC-001-Participant Handbook including:
      • Introduction
      • Feedback and Complaints Policy
      • Privacy & Confidentiality Policy
      • Participant Consent Policy
      • Culture, Diversity, Values and Beliefs Policy
      • Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation & Discrimination Policy
      • Decision-making Policy
      • Right to access an advocate Policy
      • Conflict of Interest Policy
      • SDA
      • Tenancy Management
      • Provider Contact details
      • Acknowledgment
    • Participant letters
    • Easy read participant letter – July 2019
    • NDIS Commission – Overview
    • Participant Information pack – Full version
    • NDIS-FORM-003-Feedback and Complaints Management Form
  • NDIS Certification Package User Manual
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