ISO+™ Features

Elevate Your Workflow with Various Views

ISO+™ offers you unparalleled flexibility with a diverse set of viewing options, including Table, Columns, List, Calendar, Gantt, Form, Chart and Document. The power is in your hands as you decide which view aligns best with your workflow at any given moment. Effortlessly transition between different views within the same folder, tailoring your workspace to specific needs. Alternatively, create a fresh perspective by generating a new view every time you open a new tab in ISO+™. The freedom to choose your preferred view, coupled with the ease of switching, ensures a personalised and dynamic experience, making ISO+™ an adaptive platform that evolves with your productivity requirements.

Visualise Your Data with Visual Brilliance

Dive into Visual Excellence by unleashing the power of Chart View for Intuitive Data Representation and Analysis in ISO+™. Whether you’re seeking a dynamic visualisation of your data or aiming to conduct an in-depth analysis, the Chart View feature provides an unparalleled solution. Elevate your insights and decision-making as you explore the richness of visual representation, allowing your data to tell a compelling story. ISO+™ transforms the way you engage with your information, offering 13 different chart types from 5 categories: Line, Columns, Bar, Pie and Area Charts.

Tailor, Transform, and Illuminate Your Data

Effortlessly harness the power of data organisation with ISO+™’s versatile tools. Customise your data presentation by employing features such as filtering, sorting, and grouping. Take it a step further with our unique attribute control, allowing you to decide which information to showcase and what to conceal. Embrace the full spectrum of visual customisation with our colour options, providing you with the ability to assign distinct hues to specific data elements. Plus, enhance your viewing experience by toggling between dark and light modes, ensuring optimal readability and comfort in various lighting conditions.

Elevate Collaboration Game & Unlock Team Synergy

Elevate your experience with ISO+™’s collaborative features, from effortlessly inviting team members to fine-tuning permissions and access levels, tracking comprehensive activity logs, and customising notifications to engaging in insightful comments and managing view privacy and publicly sharing your boards, ISO+™ is designed to keep you seamlessly connected and informed throughout your projects, workflows, and tasks. It goes beyond mere task management; ISO+™ is your gateway to fostering teamwork, ensuring everyone stays in the loop every step of the way.

Mastering Data and Document Mastery

Revolutionise your data and document management with ISO+™. Seamlessly import and export data in CSV format, facilitating the transfer of historical records with ease. Export data effortlessly as PDF for comprehensive documentation and printing. Enjoy the added benefit of data restoration, ensuring the retrieval of deleted information. With ISO+™, empower your workflow with advanced features designed to optimise data handling, ensuring efficiency and precision in every aspect of your record-keeping process.

Turbocharge Your Success with Limitless Automations

Unlock Seamless Collaboration and Accelerate Results with ISO+™’s Automation Capabilities! ISO+™ empowers us to establish meticulously defined and repeatable work processes, fostering effortless collaboration within your team. From setting reminders and sending emails to automating recurring tasks, we assist you in streamlining manual work, ensuring efficiency and precision. The potential is limitless, and you can unleash the power of automation. Experience the ease of automated workflows, propelling your team towards faster and more streamlined outcomes.

Integrating with Your Favorite Tools!

ISO+™ seamlessly integrates with a myriad of platforms, including native connections like ChatGPT, Google Drive, Google Calendar, and iCalendar, etc., as well as external integrations with more than 2000 other applications, through third-party integration platforms such as Pabbly Connect. Unlock the power of synergy, effortlessly syncing your data and tasks across various platforms for enhanced collaboration and productivity. ISO+™ ensures a seamless, interconnected experience, allowing you to leverage the tools you love within a unified workspace.

Mastering Efficiency with a Hierarchial Structure

ISO+™ boasts a hierarchical framework creating an organised digital environment. The Workspace provides the overarching structure for your projects. Within Workspaces, Boards, offer a dynamic canvas to manage tasks and ideas. The next tier, Folders and Subfolders, allows for meticulous categorisation, ensuring a tailored organisation that suits your workflow. Dive deeper, Tabs facilitates easy navigation and access to specific sections. Further granularity is achieved through Items and Subitems, allowing you to break down tasks into manageable units. Finally, Attributes add a layer of customisation, enabling you to enhance data with specific details.

ISO+™ AI - Where Innovation Meets Efficiency!

Experience the future of collaboration with ISO+™ AI, an innovative integration leveraging the power of OpenAI’s GPT API. This dynamic feature opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you not only to generate creative ideas but also to enhance your decision-making prowess, ultimately saving you precious time and effort. The seamless synergy between ISO+™ and ChatGPT creates a unique ecosystem where advanced technology meets intuitive functionality, promising an unparalleled and transformative user experience. Discover a new realm of productivity and creativity with ISO+™ AI, designed to redefine the way you work and make decisions.

Unveiling a Fort Knox of Data Security

ISO+™ prioritises the security and privacy of your data with a robust set of features. Our commitment to your protection includes state-of-the-art 256-bit TLS encryption, ensuring secure data transmission. Hosting data in our secure data center in Australia, adhering to SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 certifications, further solidifies our dedication to safeguarding your information. ISO+™ is proud to be GDPR-compliant, upholding international data protection standards. Adding an extra layer of defence, our platform incorporates Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), reinforcing your data’s integrity and ensuring a secure and compliant user experience.

Say Goodbye to Juggling Multiple Browser Tabs

Experience enhanced speed and convenience with the ISO+™ Desktop App, designed for Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as its mobile App, designed for iOS and Android.  The Desktop App opens swiftly at system startup, offering a seamless and focused workspace. Pin it to your taskbar for quick access. Enjoy the convenience of Push Notifications for updates without the need to sign into your browser. With seamless synchronisation across all your devices, effortlessly switch between the Mobile App, Desktop App, or browser, ensuring a fluid and uninterrupted workflow.

ISO+™ Help Centre for Expert Guidance

The ISO+™ comprehensive Help Centre is designed to be your go-to resource for all things related to the ISO+™. Here, you’ll find a wealth of information, step-by-step guides, troubleshooting tips, and insightful articles to empower you in making the most out of our offerings.

Whether you’re a new user seeking to master the basics or an experienced customer looking for advanced insights, our Knowledge Base is your one-stop destination. Explore the vast repository of information to enhance your understanding and navigate seamlessly through our solutions. We’re here to support you on your journey, ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools needed for a successful and satisfying experience with ISO+™.

Unleash the Power: Explore ISO+™

Are you prepared to elevate your digital experience to new heights? Join us in unlocking the full potential of ISO+™, our state-of-the-art solution designed to transform and optimise your digital landscape. Let’s explore the myriad possibilities and benefits that ISO+™ brings to the table.

ISO+™ Modules

Welcome to the diverse world of our software, where a range of powerful modules awaits to cater to your specific needs. Each module is meticulously crafted to address distinct aspects of your workflow, providing tailored solutions for optimal efficiency. Whether you’re seeking advanced Documentation, HR, CRM, Audits Management, Risk Management and many more, ISO+™ modules have you covered.

For a comprehensive exploration of each module,  we encourage you to READ MORE on our dedicated page.

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