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We help you Maintain Your Certificate

Once the organisations achieve their certificate, they will face a new challenge for maintaining what they have achieved as every year, the certification body comes back for a surveillance audit. We offer this service to draw their attention to what they might miss in the routines. We will assist you and your team with completing the required tasks that might have been missed. They include but are not limited to:

  • Conducting an extensive internal audit to check the implementation records
  • Updating the high-level records such as business plan, objectives and targets, Legislation register, risk assessments, etc.
  • Facilitating management review meetings
  • Assisting you with fixing the nonconformities detected in the internal audit
  • Attending the external audit and supporting you during the external audit
What Makes Us Different
Competitive Services

We provide the most cost and time-effective consultancy services. We always challenge ourselves to offer the best value-for-money consulting services proposal.

Smart and Effective

We develop minimum documentation first and then expand if our clients wish to raise the bar beyond this minimum level. We believe that the developed system should make your life easier.

Simple and Efficient

our professional consultants help organisations implement management systems that are simple with no unnecessary complications or complications or documentation

Better Performance

Our expert consultants can help make real improvements to your management systems and your business. Our focus is on providing solutions that assist your business.

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