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Compliance Made Easy with ISO+™

ISO+™ is an all-in-one and versatile software solution designed to streamline the documentation and implementation of various management systems and frameworks for compliance and certification purposes.

ISO+™ is a flexible and fully customisable web-based (cloud-based) solution that gives you the capacity to manage your workflows automatically and paperlessly and to comply with the requirements of the ISO standards.

You can work together as a team, store everything in one place, and organise projects the way you want.

ISO+™ Vs. Conventional ISO Management Systems
Conventional ISO Systems


Limited accessibility, often confined to physical documents in a specific location or through the third-party platforms sucj as OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Accessible from any location and any devices through web browsers, desktop App and Mobile App


Collaboration relies on physical document exchange or third-party document exchange platfors, potentially causing delays.

Enables real-time collaboration among users, facilitating simultaneous contribution

Update and Version Control

Manual tracking of updates, leading to potential version discrepancies

Centralised updates with automatic version control, ensuring consistency and accuracy

Customisation and Integration

Limited customisation and integration capabilities with Microsoft Office features.

Offers extensive customisation options and integrates with other systems and applications for a tailored experience

Real-time Reporting and Monitoring

Reporting may be delayed, and monitoring may be less immediate

Real-time reporting and monitoring features available through varius graphs

Training and Support

Training may involve in-person sessions, and support may be slower

Web-based training resources and support available online through the live chat and help centre

Audit Trail and Tracking

Limited or manual audit trail capabilities

Provides detailed audit trails and tracking of changes for accountability through teh Activity Logs

Maintenance and Updates

Manual maintenance and updates required, potentially time-consuming

Automatic updates and maintenance provided by ISO Consulting Services


May involve lower initial setup costs but higher ongoing expenses

May involve higher initial setup, but lower ongoing expensed through the subscription-based models

ISO+™ Vs. Ready-to-use (off-the-shelf) Compliance Software
Ready-to-use compliance software

Tailored to Specific Needs

Offers general functionality to a broad audience, may not address unique needs

Designed to meet specific requirements of your organisation and works exactly as you want it to

Time Involved

Longer inital search for choosing between the different ready-made applications but shorter implementation time, ready for use out of the box

Longer initial time due to development and customisation phases, but shorter implementation time as t is designed based on your workflow

Return on Investment

Lower upfront costs, as development is spread across a larger user base

Higher upfront costs due to development and customisation expenses


Scalability depends on the features and limitations of the off-the-shelf solution

Can be scaled as the business grows or changes, providing long-term scalability


Integration may be limited to what the ready-to-use software supports

Can be seamlessly integrated with existing systems and processes


Standardised support provided by the software vendor, may lack specificity

Customised support based on the specific software configuration

ISO+™ Features

ISO+™ is a feature-rich platform that offers unparalleled convenience for organisations seeking efficient documentation, implementation, and compliance with ISO standards. An innovative solution designed to enhance your user experience and streamline your workflow. With a focus on efficiency and user-friendly functionality, that brings a new level of convenience to your digital toolkit.

To delve deeper into the specifics and discover how this feature can revolutionise the way you work, we invite you to READ MORE on our dedicated page for comprehensive details and in-depth insights.

ISO+™ Modules

Welcome to the diverse world of our software, where a range of powerful modules awaits to cater to your specific needs. Each module is meticulously crafted to address distinct aspects of your workflow, providing tailored solutions for optimal efficiency. Whether you’re seeking advanced Documentation, HR, CRM, Audits Management, Risk Management and many more, ISO+™ modules have you covered.

For a comprehensive exploration of each module,  we encourage you to READ MORE on our dedicated page.

Scope of Service

Initial Review

We conduct a comprehensive review of existing documents, currently utilised software and applications, as well as the context and boundaries of the management systems. This assessment involves evaluating these elements against the desired standards.


System Development

We initiate the system development process by completing the conceptual design, outlining necessary modules, identifying stakeholders, and establishing access levels and permissions. Subsequently, we move on to the detailed design phase, encompassing modules, workflows, documents, forms, automation, integrations, and more.



After developing your customised software, we will hand over the completed system to you, provide training for your team on its usage, and offer ongoing supervision, consultation, and guidance during the implementation process.​


Internal Audit

The internal audit module is being developed specifically for your use. However, for your convenience, we also provide an optional internal audit service in case you lack the internal resources or prefer to have the peace of mind that comes with outsourcing this task.


Attending External Audit

Organisations, especially those seeking certification for the first time, may find dealing with external auditors stressful and challenging. To ensure a better and smoother experience, we offer an optional service to attend the external audit, acting as facilitators to assist and support you during the process.


Ongoing Maintenance

After successfully obtaining your certificate, a new challenge emerges in maintaining this accomplishment. Annually, the certification body conducts a surveillance audit. We provide an optional service to help you identify any oversights in your routines or assess whether adjustments, such as expanding your service scope or adding more modules, are needed.

Unleash the Power: Explore ISO+™

Are you prepared to elevate your digital experience to new heights? Join us in unlocking the full potential of ISO+™, our state-of-the-art solution designed to transform and optimise your digital landscape. Let’s explore the myriad possibilities and benefits that ISO+™ brings to the table.

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