Licence terms and conditions

  • In consideration of our supplying the Teleworking Self Assessment Packages, you agree with us too, and you shall comply with, these licence terms and conditions which apply to all document templates and other works supplied by ISO Consulting Services (A Trading name of Comprehensive Business Improvement Solutions Pty. Ltd.) on or after the version date. Nothing in these licence terms and conditions shall affect the statutory rights of consumers, to the extent that they may not be limited or excluded by law.
  • You have purchased a full licence to copy, edit, and modify the documents for the purpose of your operation only, and no-one else. You shall not do anything with the documents outside this scope of use.
  • This licence has been granted to you only and you shall not and may not assign or transfer to any third party the benefit of the licence or any rights under or in relation to it, or purport to do so.
  • This licence has been granted to you only and you shall not be permitted to sub-licence any of your rights under the licence. If you are a consultant and wish to use this package for your clients, additional licences must be purchased. You shall not use the content of this package (fully or partially) to make your own content.
  • You acknowledge and agree that all intellectual property rights in and to the products are and shall be and remain our sole and absolute property. As the Teleworking Self-Assessment packages is copyrighted, you shall not remove the copyright mark and the website address from the footer of the documents.
  • You shall maintain strictly confidential the Teleworking Self-Assessment Packages, and you agree not to disclose the products to any third party except your own amended version as the record of the assessment.
  • You shall pay all legal fees (on an indemnity basis), court fees, and other fees, costs and expenses incurred by us in (a) enforcing the licence or our intellectual property rights against you or any associate of yours (including in pursuing any claim for infringement of our intellectual property rights by you or any associate); (b) in enforcing any settlements or judgements obtained by us against you or your associates in relation to the licence or our intellectual property rights; and (c) in successfully defending any claims brought by you against us.


Limitation of liability

We assume no and you agree that we shall have no duty of care to you or any of your associates with respect to the Teleworking Self-Assessment Packages, that it shall be used at the sole risk of you and your associates, that it does not amount to any advice or representation from us that you or your associates may rely on, and you shall ensure that your affiliates do not make any claim against us in this regard. You agree that you have not been induced to enter into the licence by any representation from us, but without affecting any liability we may have for fraudulent misrepresentation. You agree that we shall have no liability to you or any of your associates for any of the following losses you or your associates may suffer, whether direct or indirect, and whether foreseeable or not: loss of profit, revenue, opportunity, custom, business, contract, expectation, or reputation; any fines; any cost or expense incurred in reliance on the licence or the products; any cost of purchasing substitutes for the products; and any liability to any third parties. You agree that we shall have no liability to you or your associates for any special, indirect, or consequential loss you or your affiliates may suffer. You agree that our liability to you and your associates shall, in any event, be limited to the price payable for the published price at the time the licence commenced. The caps in liability in the previous sentence shall apply both to any single event or circumstance giving rise to our liability, and to all events or circumstances giving rise to our liability in the aggregate. References to our liability to you or your associates includes: liability for breach of the licence; liability under the terms of the licence; liability for breach of a duty of care or other negligence arising in connection with the document package, including negligent misstatement; liability for misrepresentation (other than fraudulent); liability for breach of any statutory duty or liability under a statute; and any liability of any nature (including any of the foregoing) arising out of, in connection with the products or the licence.


Contacting us

ISO Consulting Services welcomes your comments regarding this T&C. If you have any questions about this T&C and would like further information, please contact us during business hours Monday to Friday.